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This programme was first held in 1993 by Professor Vojislav Kranželić, the director of the Economy and Administration School in Bjelovar who is still the one organising it 18 years later. After a talk with director Kranželić to properly assert students’ and programme needs, Aquilonis reached out to Ana Kapraljević, a female writer and a professor who recently moved to live in Bjelovar. Besides her regular job and her writing career, she is a volunteer for Early Start Development, a community based organization designed to support individuals through mentoring and coaching while providing opportunities and enhanced skill-development through self-awareness, career preparation, technology, science awareness, entrepreneurship, service learning, social and human capital, life, community development, business soft skills, and the arts.

Recently, she and her partner started Talks with a meaning, open discussion and literary group meetings with a purpose of encouragement of open discussion and critical thinking among Bjelovar citizens. Ana showed great interest to actively participate in our project and promote its vision throughout her many activities.

Aquilonis RSP team held two workshops with Ana to form a programme suitable for 'Days of Free Teaching' with an aim to bring students closer to reading, develop their imagination and a sense of self-development achieveable by conclusions and new knowlodge derived from literary works. The workshop prepared for the ‘Days of Free Teaching’ was named ''Myths and fairytales workshop – why reading really can't be boring!'', and was held for 50 attendees split into two groups, with each workshop lasting for 60 minutes. Students confirmed overall low motivation for reading but were attracted to the idea of being graded for interpreting a few books by their own choice, besides their obligatory literature. Professor Ana Kapraljević read a story to students, engaged them in the story interpretation, motivated them to observe it critically and discuss various possible outlooks and she encouraged students to believe in themselves and accept all aspects of their inner being, always striving for self-development.






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