Book title
Project Billy


Martin Konyáš


Bibliographic information
not published


Links (adaptations, reviews, full texts etc.)


Cyber bullying, school, addictions


Short summary
Three schoolmates. One of them with mental issues, the other one trying to take a control over him, and the third one filming everything and posting it on the internet.


Why is the story appropriate for the targeted groups of RSP readers?
It reflects social themes


What are the distinguished readers interests reflected by this book/story?


Why is this story motivational for the pupils?
A modern story written in colloquial/slang language. School environment, social networks. All the themes belong to common issues of most teenage people.

Is there a historical, political, multi/inter cultural, migrant or similar context recognized in this book/story? 


Is there a principle of inclusion reflected in this book/story and does it promotes understanding of cultural diversities and heritage? 
Social inclusion among students.

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