The first questionnaire results have arrived!


As part of the project, a research on reading literacy was conducted using a questionnaire, a tool convenient for several reasons: the possibility of reaching an unlimited number of respondents at their convenience, the anonimity of the respondents and the ability to quantify their responses and draw conclusions from the results.

The questionnaire, like the project itself, focused on high-school pupils aged 15-18.

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Project study on reading habits questionnaire included 8131 participants from various secondary schools in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italia and Croatia. The survey was conducted during November and December, 2016. 

Countries prepared their national reports and our joint report is almost done.

Enjoy a sneak peak of the final results:



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On the October 24th 2016, first meeting of the Handbook for reluctant, struggling and poor readers project team was held. The Kick-off meeting took place in Zagreb, at X. GIMNAZIJA ''IVAN SUPEK''.

Project meeting started with a warm welcoming speech by Željka Frković, headmistress of X. gimnazija.  Jelena Crnek, the project coordinator, continued with a welcome and held a presentation about the project. After that, each partner had a chance for an introduction through a presentation and a speech by the representative. After a lunch break, the meeting was continued with Jelena Crnek’s detailed explanation of the project plan for the following three months which was followed with a presentation about IT support, communication channels and dissemination by Helena Kusturin from Aquilonis.

We are very proud of our communication and team work on this first meeting. We are also proud of the work done and are looking forward to fulfilling our mission throughout the following two years. 

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Kick-off meeting

  First RSP Readers meeting will be held on the October 24th, 2016 in Croatia, at X gimnazija Ivan Supek.

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