On 7th March 2017, our students, grouped in three different teams, were involved in a challenging and exciting game based on their knowledge about books and authors . The games were loosely based on the Italian TV programme " Per un pugno di libri". After reading Brothers Grimm's fairy tales, they had to answer quiz questions focused on events and characters in these works. They showed great enthusiasm and keen interest in the game which they found enjoyable  and entertaining: they really read for fun!

Watch the video here!

Some of the games  were:

1)From  book to character..... from character to book

Students listen to 10 short passages regarding descriptions about the main characters of well-known novels. Students  guess the character to whom the passage refers to and the book in which the character appears

2) From book to author

Some titles of famous novels are read out and students have to find out who the author is

3) Within the tale

Students answer 10 questions on Brothers Grimm's fairy tales

4) Who are  the authors?

Students have to answer a few questions about the authors

5)Once upon the time...... the fairy tale

True/false questions about the fairy tale as a literary genre

On this occasion we also  kicked off our Permanent Book  Market Stall- students brought some spare books of their own to be exchanged throughout the school year.


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