Italian school Liceo Scientifico " G. Seguenza" has been  the official venue of the TESOL ( Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)  teaching sessions for many years and has always held training courses for teachers of English to speakers of other languages. According to the meetings scheduled for 2016, on November 30th a seminar was organised, in order to spread and share the importance of the European projects envisaged by the Erasmus+ programme. The school's teachers, Maria Cristina Lento and Maria Landi, focused their speech on a detailed presentation of the KA2 ongoing project "Handbook for RSP readers", which was granted with the help of the EU funding . Teachers accentuated the important role of strategic partnership and cooperation of 4 European countries (Croatia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy) in order to achieve the grater goal, promote the exchange of good practices, intellectual outputs and internationalisation.


Read more: Project presentation for the Tesol seminar (Italy)

Střední škola Náhorní organised a English poem writing competition.
The best poems have been awarded and displayed in the school.


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