Cooperation and connecting two project initiatives: Boysreading and Handbook4RSPreaders projects. The main conversation was led by dr. Ivana Batarelo Kokić, Associate Professor/Department of Pedagogy/Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Split and Jelena Crnek, prof. at 10th Grammar School "Ivan Supek".


Boris Škifić is an author of warm Mediterranean stories depicting the process of growing up in difficult and isolated island conditions. He is one of the authors chosen for the Croatian selection of 10 literary works this project will address. As a professor of the 2nd Gymnasium in Split, aware of the difficulties young readers meet, he enthusiastically agreed to participate in the project.  


Meeting the author Boris Škifić, Story of two pines and The flight of butterfly.

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The students of our school had an opportunity to experience an unusual day, a so-called Tearoom day which was organized by Mrs. Szanyiová and Kalinová, on 15.12.2016. This special day was dedicated to a special book, called The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak. This literary day was bilingual. At the beginning of the day we introduced the book by reading aloud, first in Slovak and then another part in English and it was followed by a discussion. Furthermore, we introduced the author and the period in which the book is set in presentations. The task of the students was to read 2 excerpts of the book, one in English, one in Slovak and then they were working with the tasks prepared. The activity was completed by a lively discussion of the teachers and students. At the end of the activities the students had an opportunity to compare these excerpts with the film version. Of course during all these activities tea and biscuits were served.



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In the corridors of our school some new posters have appeared.

With these posters we launched a reading comprehension competition called “WALL READING”. The competition is available in Slovak language and as well in English language. The students have the opportunity to read the excerpts gradually and there are links on our website connected with the excerpts. After reading the text the students answer the questions. The first round of this competition ends on 13.february 2017. There will be 3 rounds. The whole competition ends on 19. June 2017. The students can win an e-reader.

The competition will help to involve not only the students who are fond of reading but as well those who have no time for reading or struggle reading. The excerpts are placed on the walls of our corridors so while waiting for the lesson the students can spend their time reading the texts.



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