The students of our school had an opportunity to experience an unusual day, a so-called Tearoom day which was organized by Mrs. Szanyiová and Kalinová, on 15.12.2016. This special day was dedicated to a special book, called The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak. This literary day was bilingual.

At the beginning of the day we introduced the book by reading aloud, first in Slovak and then another part in English and it was followed by a discussion. Furthermore, we introduced the author and the period in which the book is set in presentations. The task of the students was to read 2 excerpts of the book, one in English, one in Slovak and then they were working with the tasks prepared. The activity was completed by a lively discussion of the teachers and students. At the end of the activities the students had an opportunity to compare these excerpts with the film version. Of course during all these activities tea and biscuits were served.



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