The teachers of Slovak and English language organized a competition which was announced by the Slovak pedagogical library. Involved were the students of 2.B and 3.B and they were competing in groups of 4 or 5.

The whole competition was focused on the improvement of reading literacy and development of their reading skills. The teachers tried to motivate the students towards reading and they created 4 different competition checkpoints. In each of them the students learned about Slovak and world literary works. Three of them lead to M.R.Štefánik who is a very important personality from the history of Slovakia.

he first checkpoint: Book hunting

We used the methodology created in our Erasmus+ project and our aim was to teach the students to look for books and to find relevant information. The students had 12 hints and each hint led them to a different book, we involved books from the Slovak and world literature. In some hints they had to play with the words to find the following book, in some they had to work with the internet to find the book. The students were full of emotions and they evaluated the activity as the best one.

The second checkpoint:  Book code

In this activity the students had to find 20 Slovak books and 10 books from the world literature. They had a poster with different pictures, each picture represented a title of a book. The students had to find as many books as they could.

The third checkpoint: Puzzle

The task of the students was to put the puzzle together and afterwards to answer the questions in their worksheet. They could find the answers in the excerpt which was in the puzzle. We prepared them two types of puzzles, one was about the biography of M.R.Štefánik and the second puzzle was in English and it contained an excerpt from Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

The fourth checkpoint: Tearoom

This activity was not a competition, it was for the students to have a rest, to drink tea and to have some biscuits while they were working with an excerpt from To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was an activity where the students compared an excerpt from the book with the excerpt in the movie. Then they had to work in 6 different groups. The first group had to prepare a summary of the text, the second group was responsible for the vocabulary. The third was working with the most interesting paragraphs. The fourth connected the story with real life. The fifth described the culture in the text and their real culture and the sixth one described the characters in the story.

This activity was a relaxing one a that´s why the students were not afraid to express their opinion and they were really keen on this activity.

These activities took place all day and the students had an opportunity to look at the books from a different point of view. They were working hard all day long but on the other hand it was a great day full of emotions and fun.









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