We had our second appearance on TV. But this time it was on the TV of Eastern Slovakia. They were interested in the activities we are working on, in the Erasmus + project which is in progress.


You can see the report  (on the 5:30 minutes) here!

On the walls of our school have appeared new posters connected with the competition WALL READING. Now the excerpts are from fantasy books popular among the students. There are different posters in English language and Slovak language again. The students have links on our school web site and can answer the questions. The students started to compete immediately and they are eager to read and win.  The completion takes place until 23. June 2017. 

Read more: Wall reading 2 in Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika (Slovakia)

On Thursday 23. March 2017 students from 1.B, 2.B. 3.B and sexta, took part in an amazing „book day“ in the local library Gemerská knižnica Pavla Dobšinského in Rožňava. The activities were prepared by our teachers Eva Szanyiová, Tatiana Chocholová and Lýdia Kalinová. March is the month of books so our teachers wanted to liven our lessons up.

Read more: A day in our library - Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika (Slovakia)

On 17. March 2017 some students of our school took part in a book presentation in the local library. The presentation was made by the author of the book: ABS book of health. Ján Zbojek, the author of the book, introduced the students his idea of the health system which reveals different causes of illnesses and his simple view of the heart of health. The foundations of his book are the pillars of health, he would like to enhance young people to keep these pillars and thus they can improve their own health condition.

Read more: Students of Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika from Slovakia participated in an interview with Ján...

On 7th March 2017, our students, grouped in three different teams, were involved in a challenging and exciting game based on their knowledge about books and authors . The games were loosely based on the Italian TV programme " Per un pugno di libri". After reading Brothers Grimm's fairy tales, they had to answer quiz questions focused on events and characters in these works. They showed great enthusiasm and keen interest in the game which they found enjoyable  and entertaining: they really read for fun!

Watch the video here!

Read more: Liceo Seguenza - Reading for fun: hunt for books and authors

Our students from Liceo " Seguenza" , as well as other pupils from lots of local schools, have taken part in a project organised by the Regional Library: each school was assigned a Sicilian city to work on: our students will develop a project about Catania. Since the beginning of the school year, they have been attending several seminars and conferences, held by University professors and journalists, about different topics: art, enogastronomy, the social media. 

Read more: Liceo Seguenza and the Regional Library

Hosting Kristian Novak in X. Gymnasium "Ivan Supek". Hall full of high school students and a writer who rightfully deserves to be a new generation first choice. In our Erasmus + project this event, along with Jelena Crnek, was organized by our project team members mrs. Cvjetanka Bozanic and mrs.Neli Mindoljević.


Read more: Hosting Kristian Novak in X. Gymnasium "Ivan Supek"

On 22nd February 2017 , our students met Silvana La Spina to discuss her latest novel " L'uomo che veniva da Messina" : they had the opportunity to interview the author and learn her views about reading and her writing creative process.


Read more: Liceo Scientifico Statale Seguenza - Meet the author!












Read more: Cener - 2017 - Lidrano - X. gimnazija ''Ivan Supek'', Croatia

Liceo organised three meetings (16-17/12/2016, 21/01/2017) in order to sponsor school activities and courses to the families of  prospective students. Each event was attended by nearly three hundred people interested in the educational offer. On these occasions, informative talks were devoted to the presentation of the Erasmus+ projects granted to the school. Liceo had the opportunity to outline the main features and aims of "Handbook for RSP readers", thus arousing great enthusiasm among the audience.

Read more: Liceo Seguenza showcase for Erasmus+ projects

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