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Book title
The metamorphosis


Franz Kafka


Bibliographic information
Bur Biblioteca Universale-Rizzoli.2013


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Short summary
The Metamorphosis is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. The story begins with a travelling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed into a large, monstrous insect-like creature. He is not concerned about his new physical appearance, but about his being unable to perform the tasks expected of him , as a model employee.


Why is the story appropriate for the targeted groups of RSP readers?
The novel can be considered a psychological fantasy, a genre which is highly appreciated by young readers, who especially tend to be interested in gaining a psychological insight of themselves in order to find out more about their mysterious inner world.


What are the distinguished readers interests reflected by this book/story?
Psychology appeals to young readers because they try to find explanations about their inner world and about what other people think of them.


Why is this story motivational for the pupils?
Because young readers are afraid of changes, even though they have to cope with them since  adolescence is an age marked by  great changes: from childhood to adolescence.


Is there a historical, political, multi/inter cultural, migrant or similar context recognized in this book/story? 
No, there isn't.


Is there a principle of inclusion reflected in this book/story and does it promotes understanding of cultural diversities and heritage? 
No, there isn't

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