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Isaac Asimov


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Science fiction


Short summary
Multivac, a huge and perfect computer, stops working. Two scientists try to detect the fault, but the machine appears to follow more complex procedures which will be revealed by the choice of a key word.


Why is the story appropriate for the targeted groups of RSP readers?


What are the distinguished readers interests reflected by this book/story?
Science fiction sparks young readers' imagination, thanks to the several film productions based on this genre. After reading such stories, teenagers are often eager to watch sci-fi films, such as Base Runner, directed by Ridley Scott.


Why is this story motivational for the pupils?
The short story is written in a simple and clear language. Although this text was published 50 years ago, the young generation find elements in common with our modern society.


Is there a historical, political, multi/inter cultural, migrant or similar context recognized in this book/story? 
No, there isn't.


Is there a principle of inclusion reflected in this book/story and does it promotes understanding of cultural diversities and heritage? 
No, there isn't.

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