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Title of Activity


Description of educational activity
Duration: 2 hours
Pupils’ age: 15-16
Organization of the class of pupils: group work

Pupils' tasks: Students carefully study the texts in order to discuss the main topic of the text, at first, freely, and later, guided by specific questions asked by teachers.


Support materials:

  • articles and essays students find on the Internet.


Evaluation and assessment method: This activity will be assessed by students themselves, while making comparisons. Students love exchanging opinions on what they have previously read on their own: they get involved when they compare their views/impressions and later, with the help of the teacher, they are led to reflect upon burning issues such as, the unstoppable process of robots' replacing men in several workplaces or excessive and somewhat dangerous humanisation of machines.


Effect of the activity on RSP reading: Exchanging viewpoints on contemporary issues, while drawing on a book as a common heritage, surely helps and promotes love of reading.


Connection to curriculum

Grade: 3rd year

Related objectives: discussing and defending personal ideas and opinions is one on the main objectives of the 3rd year (students also learn how to write an essay throughout the 3rd year).


Knowledge: reading, understanding and developing personal opinions


Skills: working in groups, singling out/spotting the main information of a text


Competences: connecting fiction and reality, defending and supporting an opinion


Bibliographic reference to be used during the activity

Italian version

Isaac Asimov

Io, robot

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore


pp. 271

ISBN 88-04-53410-9.



Digital sources

The 2004 filmed version of "I,  robot" starring Will Smith is extremely renowned. Moreover, with regards to the topic of man's enslaving process to technology,  it could be worth watching, Black Mirror, the TV series broadcast on Netflix.



Linking ideas and important issues, while reading texts. Making observations, reflecting and wondering about crucial matters



Discussing and debating enable students to fully get engaged in reading, to realise how close it is to their daily lives and to arouse their curiosity and doubts. The teacher can evaluate what students have actually understood and achieved.

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